HBF Optional Guaranteed Freight Program

This program offers the opportunity to provide a fixed freight cost at the time of order placement, a service that has typically proven to be very difficult to control.  HBF has achieved this by negotiating preferential rates with various regional and national freight carriers.

All you have to do is:

  1. Determine the zone to which HBF products are to be shipped.
  2. Use the table to calculate your fixed freight cost as a percentage of the total list of your order, including charges for any additional product options specified.
  3. Please indicate on your purchase order "Guaranteed Freight Program."

HBF will: 

  1. Select the carrier to be used.
  2. Include your pre-calculated fixed freight rate as a part of your invoice.

Note: Invoicing for freight on this program will appear on the initial invoice for the order if the order is split-shipped. All subsequent invoicing for the order will be for product only.


  1. A minimum charge of $100 Net per shipment will apply for all seating and occasional table orders.
  2. A minimum charge of $150 per shipment will apply for all conference and casegood products.
  3. All merchandise will be shipped cartoned.
  4. Charges will be for “NORMAL DELIVERY TO THE DOCK” only.
  5. Product is shipped FOB Manufacturing, freight prepaid and added to your HBF invoice.
  6. Title of goods changes when merchandise leaves HBF’s dock. Any subsequent damage and all freight claims are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Guaranteed Freight Program